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I was trying to decide which servo to use in my project. I had some JR NES-241s lying around from my JR radio kit. They are nice analog servos.

I also had some E-sky EK2-508 digital servos which I had also just ordered.

I wanted to see what the speed difference might be between the two. The JR is rated at 0.23 / 60° arc while the E-sky is rated at 0.10 / 60°. But there are ratings and there are ratings.

So I fired up my servo tester and pitted them head to head in this very short video (1 minute; 5 mb). As you can see, the E-sky is considerably faster.

The e-sky is only rated to 1.0 kg / cm torque while the JR has 1.3 kg/cm. But I think that difference is negligible.

Picture 2.png

I'm beginning a new project that uses micro servos. Here's a little table that I'm using to compare various options.

HTX900Analog21.0x12.0x22.0mm9.0g0.12 sec/60°1.6kg/cm0.11secNylon$4
Towerpro SG90Analog21.0x11.5x27.0mm9.0g0.12 sec/60°1.2kg/cmYesNylon$5
E-sky EK2-0508Digital22.8x11.5x20.8mm7.5g0.10 sec/60°1.0kg/cmYesNylon$10
Towerpro MG90Analog23.0x12.2x29.0mm14.0g0.11 sec/60°2.2kg/cm0.10 secMetal$12
E-flite S75Analog23.0x12.0x24.0mm7.5g0.12 sec/60°1.17kg/cmNoNylon$14
Spektrum DSP75Analog23.0x12.0x24.0mm7.5g0.11 sec/60°1.17kg/cmNoNylon$20
Futaba S3114Analog21.8x11.0x19.8mm7.8g0.10 sec/60°1.5kg/cm0.09secNylon$15
Power HD-2216HBDigital22.8x12.0x25.4mm13.6g0.13sec/60°1.8kg/cmYesMetal$20
Align DS410Digital22.8x12.0x25.4mm12.7g0.13 sec/60°1.8kg/cm0.09secMetal/Plastic$26
JR NES-241Analog21.5x11.5x22.0mm9.0g0.23 sec/60°1.3kg/cmYesPlastic$30
JR DS290GDigital21.0x11.0x21.0mm7.0g0.08 sec/60°0.9kg/cm0.07 secNylon$35
Futaba S3154Digital21.8x11.0x19.8mm7.8g0.10 sec/60°1.5kg/cm0.09secNylon$35
Ino-Lab HG-D202MGDigital23.0x11.4x24.1mm9.8g0.16 sec/60°2.5kg/cm0.13 secMetal$35
Align DS410MDigital22.8x12.0x25.4mm13.5g0.13 sec/60°1.8kg/cm0.09secMetal$37
HiTec HS-65MGAnalog24.0x12.0x24.0mm11.2g0.16 sec/60°1.6kg/cm0.13secMetal$37
HiTec HS-5065MGDigital23.6x11.6x24.0mm11.9g0.14 sec/60°1.8kg/cm0.11secMetal$47

The conversion for torque from kg/cm to oz/in is to multiply by 14.7. So a servo with a torque of 1.0 kg/cm has an imperial torque of 14.7 oz/in.


Futaba S9257Digital36.0x15.0x29.0mm26g0.08 sec/60°2.0kg/cmNoNylon$60

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