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Macintosh, Windows, and Newton GPS Programs (aka, our competition)

This page lists most of the currently available GPS communications programs for the Macintosh, Newton, and PC platforms. Despite being a provider of Mac-based GPS software, why include our competitors? Apart from our hubris in thinking GPSyTM and GPSy Pro TM are clearly superior, we think that expanding the (Macintosh) GPS market as a whole can only benefit everyone. Competition has greatly improved GPSy and will continue to push us into new avenues of development. Besides, the more high quality products for the Macintosh that are available, the better for everyone.

The more people who have GPS units on Wintel is also good for the Macintosh market since these people will eventually "forward migrate" to the Mac platform. At first glance it appears that there are more products for the Wintel platform, but the general quality of Windows software as a whole (not just GPS) is lower, so quantity gets made up in quality.

GPS Data Collection and Auto-Mapping Software

Mac Software Top 10

The following Macintosh software are products that GPSy® and her developers just couldn't be without:

Here are some more great links to other products made with "Moof in Mind".

This page was created on March 8, 1997 and last updated on February 18, 2005.