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Global Mapping Systems provides free technical support for all registered GPSy Pro users. Please select the appropriate support e-mail address below. Please double-check your reply e-mail address setting in your browser/e-mail program before sending us a message as malformed e-mail addresses are the primary reason we are unable to reply to users. Unfortunately, we are only able to provide technical support in English and Japanese.

[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions and technical support information. Please read this carefully before e-mailing us as many questions are answered here. More info.
Information is provided on such topics as:
  • I'm not receiving any data from my GPS unit.
  • I can't open the PDF files properly
  • I'm missing pages from my user's manual
  • Which GPS units do you recommend?
  • and much much more...
[GPSy-List] GPSy-List is a low-volume announcement list for GPSy related issues. We recommend that all registered users subscribe (subscription is not automatic with registration). More info.
For questions about your order, lost license keys, or shipping information:
For questions and comments about GPSy Pro as well as feature requests:
Technical support is provided for free to registered users via e-mail: .
We attempt to reply to all support e-mail from registered users within 2 business days of receipt. If you do not receive a reply, please try e-mailing again. We have noticed that AOL has a tendency to refuse or "bounce" a lot of e-mail, so please try from another account if you do not hear back from us within a reasonable amount of time.

Please send e-mail questions or comments to us via our e-mail options.


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