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GPSy Pro X has been released
Download available on the GPSy Pro Registered Users Web Page.
You will need a GPSy Pro X license key update to use this version.
Now compatible with Solteknik BSB Charts of Swedish territorial waters as well as Fugawi maps of Africa, Canada, Europe, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Information on GPSy Pro X

GPSy Pro X TM is an enhanced version of GPSy X , our award winning GPS and mapping software for the MacOS. GPSy Pro X was designed for boaters and people who use large or complex map images and adds the following features to GPSy:

[FEATURES] Review GPSy Pro X's extensive features; check our list of compatible GPS units; and see screenshots and images. More info
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[MAPS] Find out how to obtain free Digital Topo Maps; Digital Ortho Photos; and Vector Maps over the Internet. More info.
[SOLUTIONS] Extend your use of your GPS X and GPSy Pro X with interoperable third-party applications such as ArcView, GEOBox, MapBlast, StreetAtlas, HourWorld, Planet Earth, and Time Palette. GPSy SDK. More info.
[SUPPORT] Frequently Asked Questions on hardware and software issues; tutorials (new!); recommended GPS units;USB and bluetooth issues; and more. Technical support and order inquiries. More info.

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