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We're at the point in porting GPSy to Mac OS X where we have to ask whether it is worth keeping legacy Mac OS Classic support. There are many neat things we can build into GPSy by going fully Mac OS X, but it will become increasingly harder to maintain Classic versions. At this point, should we just focus on GPSy X?

For example, we're building in support for the new Google Maps into GPSyLink. Right now, we have to pass the URL calls through Safari to display the images. If we went whole-hog into GPSy X, we could use the built-in web-browser toolkit to display the maps inside GSPy -- just like NetNewsWire has a built-in browser. But we can't support this in the Classic environment. While we can create parallel versions, it definitely takes more work at all levels -- sales, development, and support. This is energy that could be used to improve the Mac OS X version.

But we realize we have a lot of Mac OS Classic users, so we'd like to hear your opinion on what we should do.

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