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GPSy X Beta 4 uploaded


GPSy X beta 4 and GPSy Pro X beta 4 have been uploaded to web site. We've managed to knock out a bunch of bugs that have been affecting users.

GPSy Pro has been uploaded to the Pro registered website.

As usual, if you encounter anything, please let us know at <beta (at) gpsy (dot) com>.

GPSy X will be Intel-native

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We want to assure our customers that we fully intend to have GPSy X product be Intel-native for use with the new (and poorly named) MacBook Pros. We've turned on Intel compatibility on the compilers and the main remaining issue is the difference in word-order at the CPU level. But this should be easily solved -- in fact part of the difficulty in programming the original GPSy was that Garmin uses Intel word order, so everything had to be flipped for Motorola processors!

From Macintouch news coverage of Macworld Expo 2006:

Garmin, a major designer and manufacturer of GPS systems, announced that it will immediately begin to make its line of GPS and mobile electronics devices compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. According to the press release, a Mac version of Garmin's Training Center software for workouts will be available this spring. Also in the spring, it promised to provide Mac compatibility for the interface of www.MotionBased.com, which translates GPS data into performance analysis, online mapping, and route sharing for endurance and outdoor athletes. The release also notes:

By the end of 2006, Garmin intends to have made all its popular hardware and software applications Mac OS X compatible. This includes the ability to load MapSource map data to Garmin units via a Mac, as well as waypoint and trip planning applications. Additionally, the Garmin nRoute application will allow Powerbook and iBook users to turn their laptop into a powerful street navigation tool with Garmin's GPS 10 or GPS 18 sensors.

This is great news and will only increase the number of Macintosh GPS users -- a win:win solution for everyone.

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