GPSy X will be Intel-native

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We want to assure our customers that we fully intend to have GPSy X product be Intel-native for use with the new (and poorly named) MacBook Pros. We've turned on Intel compatibility on the compilers and the main remaining issue is the difference in word-order at the CPU level. But this should be easily solved -- in fact part of the difficulty in programming the original GPSy was that Garmin uses Intel word order, so everything had to be flipped for Motorola processors!


I wonder if anyone remembers that the PowerBooks were initially criticized for their naming convention. Enough with the sniping over the name of the products. Someone else could arguably make fun of GPSy, though I for one think it is pretty clever. As for the MBP, through all the BS I have heard about this, I have yet to hear one reasonably good alternative that meets Apple's goals of distinguishing the new machines from their predecessors. I never call my PB by its full name. It's always "my Mac." And now my next one really will be.

Amen! The first Mac since '84. Props to any company which makes Mac native GPS softeware. Cannot wait to try it. Thanks

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