GPSy X Beta 4 uploaded


GPSy X beta 4 and GPSy Pro X beta 4 have been uploaded to web site. We've managed to knock out a bunch of bugs that have been affecting users.

GPSy Pro has been uploaded to the Pro registered website.

As usual, if you encounter anything, please let us know at <beta (at) gpsy (dot) com>.

GPSy X 3.40b4

This version of now supports versions of Mac OS X back to 10.2.8 and native support for the new Intel Duo Core Macs. We also finally have a real icon.

Bugs Fixed
Waypoints don't load from Garmin 76S
Lower left corner of window not erased when resized
Command-key combos don't work in Map Windows
No status shown during transfer to GPS unit
Calibrate map dialog shows wrong values in menu controls
Calibration "Save As" dialog should default to name different from image file

Known Issues
Text at the bottom of the splash window is clipped under 10.2.8.

Bug Reports
Should you have any problems with the version, especially with functionality that worked in the Classic version, send a detailed description of the problem to beta (at)

In bug reports please include:

1. The version number from this release (ie., 3.40b4)
2. Your system version (for example, 10.4.3).
3. Your GPSy Pro serial number and contact info.
4. Description of relevant hardware (which GPS device, serial adapter, etc.)
5. Detailed Problem Description.
6. What you did.
7. What you expected to happen.
8. What actually happeneded.
9. Any files needed to reproduce your steps.

Thank you for helping to make the OS X version of GPSy a better product!

GPSy X 3.40b3


GPSy X v3.40 has the functionality of the 3.39 version for Classic Mac OS. There are updates to some features and improvements to others, but largely the feature set is the same. Only cooler, faster and more Mac OS X-like.

The OS X version does not support:

Street Atlas integration
Differential GPS

Known Issues

We're using a placeholder application icon.

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