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GPSy X is now in public beta

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We're happy to announce that the GPSy X is moving into public beta. GPSy has been rewritten for complete compatibility with Mac OS X. You can download GPSy X 3.40 beta 3 here:

Please send beta bug reports to: beta @

At the same time, GPSy Pro X users can download GPSy Pro X 1.20 beta 3 from the GPSy Pro registered user's website.

Info: Keyspan update

GPSy customer Bob V has kindly provided some information on the new Keyspan PDA adapters that we've been shipping to customers:
You were correct:  Keyspan Support was able to help me get my Keyspan
adapter talking to the Mac, and, now, I am happily overlaying tracks and
waypoints from my Magellan SporTrak Topo on calibrated DRGs -- with GPSy!

1) Keyspan has discontinued their PDA adapter, and has replaced it with
their "High-Speed USB Serial Adapter", P/N USA-19HS.

2) The adapter shipped to me by GPSy is the High-Speed adapter (P/N
USA-19HS) instead of the old PDA adapter.  I'd guess that means that all
future (GPSy-supplied) Keyspan adapters will be the 19HS model.

3) Neither the 2.0 Keyspan software on the GPSy distribution CD nor the
2.5 version I downloaded (for the PDA Adapter) will work with the new 19HS

4) The proper driver file for the 19HS adapter is


	which unstuffs (with StuffIt Standard 7.0.3 only) to provide

	Keyspan USA19H Installer (2.2)

I was unable to gain access to the HTTP download URL provided by Keyspan's
website, so I used my FTP client to download the (2.2) file from their FTP

Hope this info helps you to help future GPSy users avoid the frustration
I've experienced!


By now, I have exported both my track and waypoint files from GPSy to
Excel, and am trying to identify and extract relevant track sections and
waypoint groups that relate to specific DRG quads.
Thanks Bob!

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