GPSy X is now in public beta

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We're happy to announce that the GPSy X is moving into public beta. GPSy has been rewritten for complete compatibility with Mac OS X. You can download GPSy X 3.40 beta 3 here:

Please send beta bug reports to: beta @

At the same time, GPSy Pro X users can download GPSy Pro X 1.20 beta 3 from the GPSy Pro registered user's website.


Is it possible or will it be possible to link a bluetooth GPS ,as TOMTOM ,to your software ?

I hooked my Garmin III with Keyspan USA-28 adapter to GPSyX today and it worked great. Much less hassle than running in Classic mode.

One suggestion: I don't know what the difficulties would be, but would it be possible to add VSI (or VVI) information to the Aviation window. It would be a simple calculation based on altitude change over the known sampling period. Something like (60/s)*(a2-a1)=feet per minute vertical speed (s=sampling rate, a1=previous altitude, a2=current altitude).

Thanks for the switch-over and all you coding work

One other issue that I have not been able to tackle - I am attempting to display and calibrate FAA aeronautical charts in GPSyX (same issue in Classic). The tiff scans of the charts come with a world file (twf). I have attempted to make the changes listed on GSPy web site to add UTM data to the world file, but that doesn't work for me.

One of the issues in trying to self-calibrate these charts is that they are big. They cover many degrees of longitude. The long/lat lines on the charts curve and the leftmost and rightmost lines are not parallel.

I would think that there would be a projection correction factor in the world file for that, but I haven't been able to get it to work

Below is a web site with the files and then the FAA's information

Finally, I believe that the Tips that show up under the progress bar when opening a map haven't changed. They mention things like QT 4 and Virtual Memory. I like the tips idea, but some of them are not relevant with OSX

I don't see either of these as bugs so I didn't send them to the bugs email


I noticed that there is not an Intel binary in there. Does this have PPC specific code, or will Intel processors be supported as well?

By the way, good work! I'm very impressed!

We're committed to producing a Mactel version as well. There's some byte-flipping involved since Intel processors use a different endian than PowerPC. Once we get that code done, we'll make it available.

Kirk - Thanks for the tips and suggestions. We'll try to work on them.

GPSy-X works with the Rayming TN-200 usb device with "Garmin" settings and sets position (~100m too far west) on Neat!
Option for ?

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