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My project has expanded to use standard size servos (link back to my micro servo comparison). Here's a little table that I'm using to compare various options.

TowerPro SG5010Analog40.0x19.0x43.0 mm39g0.14sec/60°8 kg/cm0.11secNylon$8
Hextronik HX12K
TowerPro MG995
Analog40.7x19.7x42.9 mm55g0.16 sec/60°10 kg/cm0.13secMetal$8
Hitec HS-322HDAnalog41.0x20.0x37.0mm43g0.19 sec/60°3.0kg/cm0.15secKarbonite$10
Bluebird BMS-621Analog40.5x20.0x38.5 mm41g0.13sec/60°6 kg/cm0.10secPlastic$15
Scanner RC SSV-9764MGAnalog40.5x20.0x38.5mm62g0.16 sec/60°9.6kg/cmYesMetal$18
Futaba S3001Analog41.0x20.0x35.0mm45.1g0.28 sec/60°xxkg/cmYesNylon$20
Futaba S3004Analog41.0x20.0x36.0mm37.20.23 sec/60°xxkg/cmYesNylon$20
JR DS821Analog38.0x18.0x37.0mm43g0.19 sec/60°5.1kg/cmYesComposite$30
Futaba S9257Digital36.0x15.0x29.0mm26g0.08 sec/60°2.0kg/cmNo! No!Nylon$55
Futaba S9650Digital36.0x15.0x29.0mm26g0.14 sec/60°3.6kg/cm0.11 sec/60°Nylon$65
Hitec HS-965MG Analog40.0x20.0x37.0mm62g0.13 sec/60°7.4kg/cm0.10 sec/60°Metal$70
Hitec HS-985MG Analog39.4x20.0x37.8mm62g0.16 sec/60°9.6kg/cmYesMetal$70
Futaba S9402Analog41.0x20.0x38.0mm55g0.13 sec/60°6.4kg/cmYesMetal$75

The conversion for torque from kg/cm to oz/in is to multiply by 14.7. So a servo with a torque of 1.0 kg/cm has an imperial torque of 14.7 oz/in.

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