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From the "I wouldn't believe the physics even if I saw the youtube video" department, a sail car that can go faster downwind than the wind itself. While it's possible to go faster than the wind when tacking against it, it was long thought to be impossible to faster directly downwind. These folks prove it's not so:

Some links to enjoy:

Me want a Honda Gyro Canopy. Perfect for commuting to work in harsh New England winters, along with your little puppy:


Unfortunately, very difficult to find in the USA and I'm not sure I want to go to the trouble of importing one from Japan just to convert it to EV.

Or maybe I can skip the whole EV conversion if I can find an elusive electric Daihatsu Hallo, whose "two 12V batteries, whose 75Ah capacity gave it a 30km range at a speed of 30km/h."


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