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My Piaggio hit the dust a few weeks ago. I went to school with no problems and was on my way back when I heard a loud pop, lost power, and an acrid smoke started pouring out of the ESC/electronics components.

I finally got around to taking the electronics out this weekend. It looked like the Phoenix HV-110A hit the dust.

I was using 2S Pb (SLA) and my max watts were under 100A the entire time (according to my wattmeter). The HV-110 burst into flames when the moped was being driven under relatively light load. This is despite it being force cooled and the ambient temp here relatively cool. Also, the system was under a 90A circuit breaker which didn't trip.

I've contacted Castle Creations and hopefully they'll let me know what happened in more detail and perhaps help me towards a (beefier?) replacement.

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