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I'm thinking of getting a new battery system for my EV conversion. Right now I'm using a Prius Gen 2 NiMH pack in a 6S2P setup (43.2 volts nominal @ 13 Ah), which cost me $144 in December of 2009. I can conservatively pull about 330 watt-Hours, so it works out to 43 cents per Watt-hour.

(Nominally it is 561 Wh for the pack, but there is considerable voltage sag at the end which reduces the amount of energy I can extract). The nominal price/performance is 26 c/Wh….

Let's price out some LiPo solutions….

18650 cell (single)LiPo$42.4 Ah3.7V 8.8 Wh 45c / Wh
18650 cell (single)LiPo$72.8 Ah3.7V 10.36 Wh 68c / Wh
Zippy Flightmax 8000 mAh 6S1P 30CLiPo$888 Ah22V178Wh 49c / Wh
Zippy Flightmax 8000 mAh 5S1P 30CLiPo$748 Ah18.5V148Wh 50c / Wh
Zippy Flightmax 8000 mAh 4S1P 30CLiPo$588 Ah14.8V118Wh 49c / Wh
Zippy Flightmax 8000 mAh 2S1P 30CLiPo$288 Ah7.4V59Wh 48c / Wh
Turnigy 5800 mAh 8S 25CLiPo$1005.8 Ah29.6V172 Wh 58c / Wh
Zippy 5000 mAh 10S 25CLiPo$1065 Ah37V185 Wh 57c / Wh

I checked the prices in May (2013.05.20) and there was no change in prices. But there are some bigger cells coming on the market which might change things. This is from

26650 cell (single)LiPo$7.606.0 Ah3.7V 22.2 Wh 34c / Wh

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