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We're now at the stage where we are ready to run a small private beta of about 3-5 people. This will be for a few weeks until we're ready to launch public beta, then the public version during the summer. We're looking for a few good volunteers for the private beta. You must be:
  • A veteran GPSy Pro user of at least 2-3 years
  • Have at least one preferably more GPS units support by GPSy Classic
  • Have enough spare time in the month of June and early July to write at least one report a week on your experience/bugs/comments/etc.
  • Have a laid back personality (Type A paranoiacs need not apply)

If you think you qualify and want to give GPSy Pro X beta a spin, please e-mail us at (b e t a (at) ) . Please give us the first six digits of your current GPSy Pro serial number so we can verify your customer status. Sorry, you do need to a GPSy Pro customer and not a GPSy customer since we're testing some of the GPSy Pro with features this round.

Don't feel bad if we don't choose you. Hopefully we'll clear the remaining bugs from the private beta and be ready for the public beta by the end of July.

Update 2005.06.15: The GPSy Pro X private beta is currently underway with several brave volunteers. We are no longer accepting new applications. The public beta should be commencing in several weeks.


It would be crazy for you not to go the whole hog on OSX. Digitalised information-heavy maps will increasingly be viewd on newer rather than older computers, and this mean OSX.


Dear Sir,

I'm an avid bird watcher and therefore, travel extensively. I use a GPS [ Garmin] and digital cameras [still & video] to record my sightings. This led me several years ago to the world of Mac OSX where image processing is superior to the Windows s/w. I still maintain a windows machine [mostly for my GPS], but would rather live exclusively in the Mac environment. I'd like to interface my GPS with my G4 Mac running OSX.4.

Will your s/w work in this environment?

Thank you,

Patrick Caldwell

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