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Here are some common questions we're getting about our upcoming release:

We're aiming for mid-April, we hope!

What versions of Mac OS X will you support?
We're supporting Mac OS X 10.3 and above. We unfortunately had to recently drop support for OS X 10.2.8 and below. Apple is slowly migrating APIs in a direction that makes it difficult to support the older releases. We're hoping that the benefits of directing it toward 10.3+ will outweigh the negatives of losing support for some machines.

We hope to support all Bluetooth units that reveal themselves as serial ports on the user machine. So far, our beta testers have reported compatibility with a broad variety of OEM units so far.

Garmin USB units?
The new Garmin units with USB seem to be using a different protocol and aren't reporting themselves as serial ports in the USB driver. We're working on USB support and while it may not make it for the mid-April release, we should have it working relatively quickly.

How much?
We're planning to charge a nominal upgrade fee from GPSy to GPSy X or GPSy Pro to GPSy Pro X.

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