GPSy for iPhone in development

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We wanted people to know that we've been approved in the iPhone Developer Program and we're actively working on porting a version of GPSy over to the iPhone. We're excited about this new development and look forward to being the premiere iPhone GPS tool.


This could be really interesting, as right now most GPS uses on the iPhone tend to display things using internet interfaces (e.g., Maps). SOmething like this could be great for things like geology trips I run where having the location on the geologic map would be great. You guys given any thought to a hybrid model where you develop an engine and then pair with content for sort of travel modules (e.g., geology guides, history guides on iPhone)? Could follow the Pony Express or Oregon Trail for history, etc.

Some anonymous comment !!!!!!
Name and serial Number provided SIR !!!!

How goes the development of GPSy for iPhone or have Apple proved once again to be still and very uncomfortable bed-partners.

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