Boxer Test Run 1 (250 watt Razor MY1016; 30a controller; 24v 7 Ah SLA)

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I'm still waiting for the ESC and servo to arrive (maybe early next week) for the outrunner motor, so I took the Boxer out for a test run with its temporary Razor motor and SLA batteries installed.

Piaggio Boxer
Motor: 250 watt MY1016 (from Razor Pocket Rocket)
Controller: 30A (from Razor)
Batteries: 2 x 12V 7Ah SLA (from Razor)
Front sprocket: 1.5" pulley (motor to wheel 39:1 ratio)

Batteries were fully charged and run from 26.5V down to 20.98V (under load). I used a Garmin GPS as a trip computer and a Watts Up as a battery monitor.

Trip distance: 5.8 km (3.6 miles)
Moving time: 27:26 minutes
Stopped time: 2:10 minutes
Total time: 29:36 minutes
Moving average: 12.6 kph (7.8 mph)
Overage Avg: 11.7 kph (7.2 mph)
Max speed: 17.4 kph (10.8 mph)

Total energy: 4.4 Ah
Total Energy: 0.10 KWh
Peak amps: 21.93 A
Min voltage: 20.98 V

km / kWh: 58 km / kWh (36 miles per kWh)

Final odometer reading: 1532.0 km


Given that my batteries were rated 7.0 Ah (for 20h), I was pleased that I was able to get 4.4 Ah from them in less than half an hour. I think I could have eeked enother half an Ah for 5.0 Ah. The range of 3.6 miles is pathetic, but then again, I'm using 7Ah tiny little scooter batteries.

This time around, the motor didn't see to get too hot. I think it's because everything is finally breaking in, the belt seems well adjusted and it was mostly running at 10 A which is its nominal rating and only pulling 15 - 20A when it was starting off or pulling me up a hill.

The top speed of 10.8 mph and average speed of 7.8 mph is pathetic. But it's above my expectations of 5 mph. Going 10 mph on a sidewalk is just fine, but it's much too slow for a road with moving traffic, where you would want at least 30 mph.

I imagine that if I got a real 500 watt motor in this at 48 V, it would be just fine for tooling around town. But I do need more battery life, only half an hour of run time (or 0.10 kWh) isn't nearly enough. I'd like an hour at faster speeds, which would be around 10 Ah @ 48 V (0.48 kWh) which is nearly 5x my current amount.

But hey, what other vehicle gets 36 miles per kWh? :-) According to this website (, 36 m/kWh is equivalent to 702 MPG Miles per US gallon gasoline in city traffic.

702 MPG! Try to beat that!

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