Modifying my Piaggio Boxer mo-ped Part 1

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My partner had bought an old Piaggio Boxer mo-ped a couple of years ago but sitting in our garage had rusted out the engine. I decided to make it an EV conversion.

So far, I've removed the old ICE cleanly. It looks like the ICE was connected to the rear wheel through a belt-driven CVT / clutch.

My replacement motor is a small 24V / 250 watt one taken from a RAZOR electric (toy) motorbike. It's about the only thing I can find that would fit in the small area of the former engine compartment (about 4-5" wide). If the 24V works and doesn't have enough power, I'll have to see if I can find a more powerful pancake unit or mount the motor in a separate place.

I'm driving of to my nearest (? 1 hour+) tractor supply center today to see if I can find a v-belt pulley that will attach to the motor. The old front CVT pulley from the ICE won't fit on the DC motor because the spindle isn't long enough.

IF I can find a new pulley today and find some kind of engine mount, I think I can finish up the conversion this week. But I'm just guessing at the pulley gear ratio and I don't think that the 250 watt motor will be powerful enough.

The controller is rated for 24V / 30A so I could put in a bigger motor if I could find it..... Or I could hop up the voltage to 36V by adding another L-A battery.

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