Piaggio Boxer Mo-Ped EV runs!

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I managed to shim the v-belt pulley and jerry-rig a motor mount, so I mounted up the little motor onto my Piaggio Boxer scooter, put the v-belt on, strapped the batteries on with duct tape, and shorted the throttle wires, and it ran!

The speed was horrendous, maybe 6 mph on a slight downhill and 3-4 mph on a level surface. But that's fine for the purpose of my test run.

Here are the current specs:

Base model: Piaggio Boxer Mo-ped
Motor: 24V 240 watt MY-1016 from a Razor Pocket Rocket mini-bike
Batteries: 12 V SLA 7ah x 2 (from Razor)
Motor Controller: 24VDC 30A controller (from Razor)

After running it for 10 minutes up and down the street, the motor was extremely hot, hot enough for the label to peel off. The controller was also hot (enough to wrinkle the duct tape holding it on). The batteries seemed fine.


1. I definitely need to push this up to 48V so I can get more wattage at the same amperage. There's enough space on the mo-ped runners to mount 2 sets of 2 SLAs on each side.
2. The current motor mount blocks airflow to the motor. I need to mount it better so that it is in the direct air current.
3. I need to find a more powerful motor too, while I'm at it.
4. I need to figure out how to get it to be even a higher gear ratio that what I currently have. Maybe find a smaller front pulley somewhere or figure out how to mount a large sprocket on the rear and have it chain-driven.

Anyways, I'm very pleased with myself that it at least works. Smiling Now to just make it work better!


p.s. Photos to follow soon.

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