Super huge motor arrives.... controller / throttle to follow

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Well, the motor from United Hobbies arrived! Very fast shipping, I ordered on Friday and it got to me on Wednesday from Hong Kong. The packaging was secure and everything seemed in place:

The motor is much heavier than it looks and it rotates with a definite clunk-clunk-clunk. I got the 130Kv version which means that at the 24 volts that I plan on running it, my max RPM should be 3120 rpm, which isn't that different from the current brushed motor I'm using so I won't have to fiddle with the gear ratios much.

The motor base unit is 4" long. Each spindle is 1.5" long so the entire unit is 7" long.

I do like the odds and ends they include, including the very handy motor mount. Since this is an outrunner motor, the outer shell actually spins around so you can't mount it like a normal motor, you have to mount the one stationary end. It has two spindles, I'll be using the one closer to the base to run my V-belt and affix a small propeller blade on the one on the far end to help cool the motor.

Unfortunately, I ordered the ESC and servo tester from separate places and they still haven't arrived, so there's nothing to do right now but twiddle my thumbs.

Here are the specs for the motor:

Model: HXT80-100-B
Wire Turns: 8
Resistance: 32ohm
Idle Current: 2A
ESC Required: 130A
Input Voltage : max. 48V 
Kv : 130 rpm/V 
Weight: 1570g
Shaft: 12mm
Voltage Range: 20-48v
Non Load Current: 2.0A
Maximum Power: 6500W
Equivalent: 60-80cc Gas Engine

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