Bill of Materials

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Bill of Materials for my mo-ped conversion after the jump.

Base Unit

Piaggio Boxer (1971)
- 50 cc 2-stroke internal combustion engine (removed)

Electric Motor

HXT 80-100-B 130Kv Brushless Outrunner from United Hobbies (link)

Electronic Speed Controller

Castle Creations Phoenix HV-110 (link)


Magura 0-5K Potentiometer throttle

Servo Tester (Pot to ESC)

Boman Industries Polar-Matic PC-50 (ebay)

Power Monitor

Cycle Analyst (link)


Currently SLA: Rhino SLA-17-12 12 Volt 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
- 2 x 12V @ 18Ah; 24V (normal configuration; 30kph top speed)
- 3 x 12V @ 18Ah; 36V (loaded; 45 kph top speed)

Future Plan: NiMH: 9.6 volts 3800 mAh R/C racing packs
- 3 x 9.6V serial; 2 parallel (28.8V @ 7.6Ah)
- to be upgraded to 4S 4P (38.V @ 15.2 Ah) configuration in future

Power Connectors

Anderson PowerPole 45 on main connections

Low Voltage (12/5VDC) Converters

  1. 12VDC converter using National Semiconductor LM2576HVT-12-ND buck-converter for fans and rear lighting
  2. 12 volt to 5VDC converter using MC34063 Based Switching Regulator for front lighting
  3. Quark Pro BEC 3A UBEC for servo tester / RC components


- Front lighting using high-power Luxeon LED
- Rear lighting using high-power red LEDs

Things I burned out/destroyed

  • E-Sky EK2-0907 Servo Tester
  • Doc Wattson power monitor
  • ELF 100 ESC speed controller
  • Right index finger on burnt out ESC
  • Various burns and scrapes

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Note that many of these parts were replaced when I replaced my HV110 that went up in flames.

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