Moped laws in CT

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I've been asked if I had to register my Piaggio Boxer in CT and get it plated and insured. When it was a gasoline scooter in Minnesota, I had it plated and insured (and have a MN title for it). When I got to Connecticut, I was told that because it was 49cc, it fell under the moped provision and didn't need to be titled, registered, or insured.

Here are the requirements for mopeds in CT:

a. goes no faster than 30 mph

b. displaces less than 50 cc

c. has an automatic transmission

d. less than 2 brake horse power

e. and after 7/1/97 the need for pedals is deleted from the requirements.

When I did the EV conversion, I think I remained within the moped parameters. The scooter is geared so it doesn't go more than 30 mph; it displaces 0 cc which is less than 50 cc; it has one gear and a centrifugal clutch, so it is automatic; brake horse power is a defunct and idiosyncratic measurement system with no easy equivalent in other systems; and it has pedals.

So I should be good. If I'm forced to register it, I have the Minnesota title which I can always transfer to CT.

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