Screw the brammo....

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Screw the Brammo, me wantee an A5:

Anyone have $140,000 plus change they can spare? I'll let you fly along with me!

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I'd really like to get a pilot's license but I don't have $10,000 + to spare either.

Maybe I'll build an ultralite-EV in my backyard. :-)

Nice job
You want to fly ?

What about paramotor ?
Paramotor is the most simple and inexpensive way to fly.

I am about building an electric paramotor with two brushless, same as yours, and two 200A controlers.

I will put the motors face to face on the same axle, with a standard belt reduction taken from a 125cc paramotor engine.

Have a look here :

You need a wing (from 1000$ for an used one up to 3000$ for a brand new one)
You need some training (1000$ total), but its simple and anybody from age of 15 can do it.
You need a motor but you can built a chassis with any 125cc 2 stroke engine or ... electric of course [;oP

You need 80lbs pull, lets say 10000W on a 45"x12" airscrew @ 3500rpm.
I will try also two separate motors with a simple 32x8 airscrew @ 7000rpm on each.

My wing is this one :

No park place, no runway, no trailer, just 5Kg of fabric with a harness, and you fly !
Also usefull for freegliding of course.

ERIC, France

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