CNC manufacturing

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I've been thinking about making my own CNC machine. The big question is whether to go additive or subtractive. I think for now, subtractive using a dremel as the tooling tool.

Although an additive system would be tres-cool.

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I don't know if you saw it in my blog that I had some parts made in FDM and FDM is pretty neat, however, one thing I noticed is that the parts are quite brittle and soft, that could've been the material that was used though (ABS) and the lattice that was produced could have been a little porous.

BTW, cool blog. I've always though electric vehicles were pretty cool, lots of torque and very little noise except for the whine of the motor(s).


Yes! It was your excellent blog ( that got me thinking again about CNC techniques!

I used off the shelf parts for my EV conversion, but I've recently become very interested in PICAXE programming and might be using that in my next upgrade.

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