Piaggio Boxer EV v3: Revised BOM

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I have the Prius NiMH batteries installed and test drove it but the snowstorm of 2009 has put the dampers on harder testing. In any case, here's the new revised bill of materials (BOM) (dated 2009.12):

Base Unit Piaggio Boxer (1971)
- 50 cc 2-stroke internal combustion engine (removed)
Electric Motor HXT 80-100-B 130Kv Brushless Outrunner from HobbyKing
- link to new version of motor
- Tachs: 5600 rpm @ 43.2v nominal (4500 rpm @ 36v; 6000 rpm @ 48v)
- Max amps drawn: 100A @ 43V
- Max watts drawn: ~ 4300 watts
- Speed: 45 kph top speed (at current gearing)
Electronic Speed Controller Castle Creations Phoenix HV-110 (link)
- 110 amps @ 50 volts limit
Throttle Magura 0-5K Potentiometer motorcycle twist grip throttle
Servo Tester (Pot to ESC) Boman Industries Polar-Matic PC-50 (ebay)
Power Monitor Cycle Analyst (link)
Batteries Currently SLA: Prius Gen 2 NiMH
- 6S2P packs (12 in total)
- 43.2 volts nominal @ 13 Ah
- 330 watt-hours (conservative)
- Range: unknown
Power Connectors - Anderson PowerPole 75A on main connections - link
- Anderson PowerPole 30A on sub connections - link
Wiring - 8 gauge stranded copper on main power lines and motor leads
- 12 gauge stranded copper on sub power lines
Lighting - Front lighting using high-power Luxeon LED
- Rear lighting using high-power red LEDs
Low Voltage (12/5VDC) Converters
  1. 12VDC converter using National Semiconductor LM2576HVT-12-ND buck-converter for motor cooling fan, front lighting (via 5vdc) and rear lighting
  2. 12 volt to 5VDC converter using MC34063 Based Switching Regulator for front lighting
  3. Another 12VDC converter using National Semiconductor LM2576HVT-12-ND buck-converter for ESC controller cooling
  4. Quark Pro BEC 3A UBEC for servo tester / RC components
Things I burned out/destroyed
  • E-Sky EK2-0907 Servo Tester
  • Doc Wattson power monitor
  • ELF 100 ESC speed controller
  • Castle Creations Phoenix HV-110
  • Right index finger on burnt out ESC
  • Various burns and scrapes

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