Antique find: Amprobe RS300

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Amprobe RS300.jpgA recent find in an estate sale was this old Amprobe analog amp-volt-ohm meter. I believe it's an Amprobe RS300 but not entirely sure, since the RS300 apparently isn't supposed to have an ohmmeter on it.

My one has:

  • Amps: 0-6; 15; 40; 100; 300
  • Volts: 0-150; 300; 600
  • Ohms 0-1K ohm

PDF manual: Amprobe-RS7A.pdf

This isn't entirely useful as most of my circuits aren't AC, the voltage range is too high, and it's missing the attachment for the ohmmeter which isn't switchable range and not that useful either.

But it is bakelite and looks nice! :P

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