Had to block all blog and website traffic coming from Chinese ISPs

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With deep regret, I've had to implement a filter that block all IP traffic originating from Chinese internet service providers. This affects all of the websites and blogs under my control. The reason for this was that I was getting an inordinate amount of web traffic from those IP ranges. These were likely not legitimate traffic but instead spam and/or hacking attempts.

With 25-50 gigabytes of traffic a day, my website provider was going to charge me over $1000 a month in bandwidth over-usage costs, even after I had upgraded to one of their high-volume contracts. I just couldn't afford this.

Since implementing the block, web traffic has plummeted back to normal levels.

20130522 PairBandwidth

If you think you were blacklisted unfairly, then please let me know your IP address (range) and I can whitelist you. Of course, you most probably won't even see this notice unless you use a non-Chinese proxy….

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