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iMax B6AC charger

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I just bought a used iMax B6AC charger (LiPo/Li-Ion/NiMH) to complement my previous Turnigy Accucel-8 charger. I had trouble finding the user manual but finally located it. I'm posting a copy here just in case anyone wants it: And here's a little comparison table that I drew up comparing the iMax with the Turnigy units:
iMax B6ACAccucel-6 Accucel-8
Max Power50 watts50 W150 W
Max Current5.0A5.0A7.0A
Max LiPo Cells668
Max NiCD/NiMH Cells151527
Max Pb20v20v36v
Power Input100-240 VAC
11-18 VDC
10-18 VDC10-18 VDC

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