GPSy Pro X Beta 2

GPSy Pro X Beta 2 has been uploaded to the registered users web site. We've managed to knock out a bunch of bugs that have been affecting users. As usual, if you encounter anything, please let us know at <beta (at) gpsy (dot) com>. Bugs fixed include:
  • BSB image quality not as good as Classic GPSy when zoomed less than 100%
  • Choosing "High Resolution Display Refresh" results in crash.
  • Track Width/Color sub menu doesn't work.
  • Overlay tracks/routes/waypoints don't display until scroll
  • Right-click doesn't bring up context menu
  • Bottom three sub-menus in GPSyLink menu aren't populated (The first two are fixed, the third is removed due to lack of Street Atlas.)
  • Mouse cursor not changing when map window in front
  • TFW, etc., files should be dimmed in File/Open dialog
  • Status not shown during transferring from GPS unit

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