GPSy Pro X pubic beta released

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We're happy to announce that we've released the "public" beta of GPSy Pro X. We've uploaded it to the private GPSy Pro user directory. If you're a registered GPSy Pro user, check your original "Thank you for your purchase" e-mail message for the location of the hidden directory.

We'll run the GPSy Pro X public beta for a few weeks and if there are no problems, we'll move to a GPSy X public beta, then go golden.


How to get gpsy for Mac OS X? I found your URL with Google, but I don't have Classic environment on my Powerbook.

where can I get it?

It's not an open beta. Only registered pro users have access to it. If you're a pro user and don't have your original e-mail with download instructions, please contact orders @ gpsy . com with your serial number and we will resend it.

We haven't released GPSy X for Mac OS X yet, we're still in the private beta test phase, involving current GPSy Pro X customers. We should be moving quickly to an open GPSy X beta soon.

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